Date: Tuesday, Baishakh 12, 2075

After more than two months of earthquake, life in earthquake affected area has slowly started to go normal. The viewers in foreign release films has also increased in that time. ‘One Side Love’ producer Kapil Khatri also wants to benefit from the entertainment needs of Nepali movie viewers. It seems, new Nepali movies will slowly start to resume their release cycle. Biraj Bhatt movie ‘Jungbhumi’ is releasing next week, and more releases are expected to follow in coming days. The result of ‘One Side Love’ will also determine the future direction of the movie releases.

Cinema ‘Resham Filili‘ has released their new song titled ‘Resham Filili’ on Youtube. This is the second song released from the movie after the song ‘Jalaima’ that got viral within some days.

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